The big difference between Mandarin and English Mandarin is best mankind language, they can grow up good life, the same time they can kill less good less evil (That how Mainland Chinese simplified Chinese words kill all Chinese hopeful tomorrow <That how you need to seal border in Taiwan not to 襯衫 allow anyone to come, and seal the border of Mainland China not to allow anyone from leaving; if you both Taiwan and Mainland China cannot have that good will good integrity to do that to make up your simplifi 關鍵字行銷ed "1.Die.Boot.Rule.1.Die" crimes, your entire China must have to be nuclear bombed away along with your sucking American werewolves master or masters occupied entire Continent of America> , because simplified Chinese words [Th 酒店經紀a>at how South Korea and Japan must be slaved controlled by American werewolves force, beccause both of S.Korea and Japan adopted the form of USA lie, that best minority there who knows how to read and write good Chinese words can only help mankind leader to d 東森房屋o better, no way to help "5.Her.Zhi.Zhong" to deal with American werewolves lie, therefore, they can only helplessly hopelessly watch "Lyell.B. Drew.Liang.B" to finish all their good remaining under their or his eyes. They make up way I can advise to both S.Korea and Japan is 永慶房屋 to tell all their woman to stay at her own private place, and demand every Korea or Japan man must have to carry fire arms all the time, woman who show up out of her own place must have to have a good sniper willing to care or love her enough to company her out, or she must be killed immediately for t 小型辦公室he sake of her entire nation and people's hopeful tomorrow.] can only grow less good less evil "1.Die.Boot.Rule.1.Die" suckers, no room for any good better best Chinese to get a life, not mention to provide that evilest Chinese man must needed deepest sight and unshakable strength. ) for every one's good sake.E 591nglsih is cold cold hard selfish root, they don't grow up any life but keep life going down that Chinese said "1.Die.Boot.Rule.1.Die", they kill for fear for selfish self-defense. English can have right to deserves a life, because English can help honest person to really know God's love (That how any woman who can speak English out of 租房子USA [woman inside USA is inside her own place , English is the only first language, therefore, she must have right to go out by herself when she has done her best to keep lowest profile not to bother anyone else but keep her already owned life to the end peacefully. That how woman who work in public office 喧.Being.Dwall.Drew", make that office become ruleless law 西裝less Godless Immoral out of order crime scene.>, woman who giving birth inside USA, must be killed immediately.] cannot please God order to stay at her own place, must be killed immediately.) . That how you should not allow any liar to have any thing to do with English. That how you may heard good American openly told the media "No Comment" to avoid risking showing any "lie of goo 婚禮顧問d".  .
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